Hi I’m James and I’m a headshot and portrait photographer based in London. 

I started my journey into becoming a headshot photographer over 10 years ago whilst studying to be a director of photography (DOP). For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures. Lighting and framing has been my passion and I’ve brought these skills into my photography business. 

I got my start in photography, taking pictures of actors I worked with whilst making films and since I started my photography journey I’ve photographed live theatre, choirs, orchestras, products and weddings but my main passion has always been portraits. 

(On set of the short film - ‘Milo’)

(On set of the short film - ‘Milo’)

After my experience casting in the film industry and seeing thousands of headshots I believe that I have developed a process that will produce headshots that will get you hired.

You need a great headshot that makes you stand out to casting directors and agents.

I’m not here to take a pretty of picture of you. That won’t get your hired. Agents and casting directors don’t want over the top make up and hair. They want an image that looks like you, that captures a real moment and is honest.