What You Mean To Me

(Director / Cinematographer / Editor) 

Shot on the Fujifilm XH1

A short romantic musical film about a couple that meet at sunset

The Last Man

(Underwater Camera Operator / Editor)

Shot on the Panasonic GH4

About the last man on earth after the world was consumed by the oceans

Someone Stole My Bike

(Director / Editor )

Shot on the Sony FS7 & Canon 7D

A film about a young women who finds her stolen bike for sale online and her determination to get it back


(Director / Cinematographer)

Shot on the Fujifilm XH1

A short film about a man who finds himself in an empty room, with nothing but a desk and an old computer monitor sitting in the middle. When David thinks that his situation can't get any weirder he finds himself faced with an impossible question.