Lincoln Vow Renewal - Teri & Paul

A few weeks ago I traveled to Lincoln to photograph Teri & Paul’s vow renewal at one of the most unique venues I’ve been invited to work in. The Sincil Bank stadium. 

The home of Lincoln City Football Club. 

It was such a warm, vibrant day towards the end of July and it was an honour and a joy spending the night with Teri & Paul’s family. 


Just below you can watch the photo film with all of the images from Paul & Teri’s vow Renewal.

It was a beautiful day visiting Lincoln for the first time and I would love to visit again.


“You are fabulous! I trust you enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having you there. This wonderful couple were present at our special day yesterday. They were professional, unobtrusive and so friendly, it was hard to conceive that we had never met!.” - Teri

Some of my favourite images

Lincon Wedding 1.jpg
Lincon Wedding 2.jpg
Lincon Wedding 3.jpg
Lincon Wedding 4.jpg
Lincon Wedding 5.jpg
Lincon Wedding 6.jpg
Lincon Wedding 7.jpg
Lincon Wedding 8.jpg
Lincon Wedding 9.jpg
Lincon Wedding 10.jpg
Lincon Wedding 11.jpg
Lincon Wedding 12.jpg
Lincon Wedding 14.jpg
Lincon Wedding 15.jpg
Lincon Wedding 16.jpg
Lincon Wedding 17.jpg
Lincon Wedding 18.jpg
Lincon Wedding 19.jpg
Lincon Wedding 20.jpg
Lincon Wedding 21.jpg
Lincon Wedding 22.jpg
Lincon Wedding 23.jpg
Lincon Wedding 25.jpg
Lincon Wedding 28.jpg
Lincon Wedding 29.jpg
Lincon Wedding 30.jpg

How did I do at this Lincoln Vow Renewal?

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Square Tower Wedding - Pam & Adam

As my summer has slowly winded down it’s given me a chance to revamp my website and this blog.

Back in July, I was lucky enough to photograph Pam & Adam’s wedding at the beautiful Square Tower & Queens Hotel.

It had been a hectic start to the summer and with the heatwave in full swing it was as great day for a wedding and it was a beautiful one.

A Square Tower & Queens Hotel - Photo Film -

Just below you can watch the photo film with all of the photos from Pam & Adam’s day.

It was a beautiful day in Pompey.



Wow!! Thank you both so much!

Love them.


Some of my favourite images

I started my day at Pam & Adams house in Southsea, with some prep shots of Pam and her bridesmaids and flower girls.

Bridal prep was as it always is a mix of frantic busyness and calm. No bridal prep is ever the same. This time Pam decided to do a spot of gardening half way through getting ready and watered her flowers.

It was lovely to see Pam and her closest friends and family relax as they got ready for the wedding.

The Square Tower is part of one of the oldest fortifications in Old Portsmouth and is a beautiful place for a wedding.

After the ceremony and the confetti, they had canapes and drinks on the roof of the Square Tower and then it was a short drive to the Queens hotel for the wedding reception, speeches and dancing.

It was lovely to be Pam & Adam’s Square Tower Wedding Photographer

Square Tower Wedding 1.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 3.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 4.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 5.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 6.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 7.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 8.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 9.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 10.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 11.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 12.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 15.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 16.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 17.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 19.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 20.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 21.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 22.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 23.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 24.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 25.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 26.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 29.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 27.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 28.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 30.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 31.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 33.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 34.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 35.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 36.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 37.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 38.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 39.jpg
Square Tower Wedding 40.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 2.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 3.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 7.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 5.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 6.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 8.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 9.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 11.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 12.jpg
Queens Hotel Wedding 19.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 13.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 14.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 15.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 16.jpg
Queen Hotel Wedding 17.jpg

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